Restoring Health to the Internet
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What is Primas?
Primas is a decentralized platform focused on bringing quality, credibility and accountability back to the Internet. We are committed to using blockchain and other technologies to solve the rampant problems with internet nowadays such as fake news, plagiarism and generally low quality content as a result of the traffic economy. We have built the Distributed Trusted Content Protocol (DTCP) to restructure the relationship between content creators and their community. We believe humanity progresses by sharing and there is no more valuable thing to share than an idea.
Restoring Health to the Internet
White Paper
V1.4.1 - 2018.06.08
White Paper
How does it work?
Primas has built a layer-two acceleration network built to support Dapps. The layer is made up of nodes and utilizes multiple technical tools including a massive decentralized network of crawlers, an economic incentive system and user credibility model. All this technology is underpinned by a protocol focused on content quality.
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The first mobile app to be built on top of the Primas network.
The Primas DApp is a decentralized content publishing platform based on the Primas technology and the DTCP. The Primas DApp is the world’s first truly decentralized app and is a platform for publishing, distributing, recommending and exchanging content. It incentivizes producing quality content and interacting with it.
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