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Restoring Health to the Internet
What is Primas?
Primas is a movement to bring quality, credibility and accountability back to the internet in the form of a decentralised platform where people can openly share ideas and are rewarded for participation.

At Primas, we are committed to using blockchain technology to restructure the relationship between content creators and their community. We believe humanity progresses by sharing and there is no more valuable thing to share than an idea.
Restoring Health to the Internet
White Paper
V1.4.1 - 2018.06.08
White Paper
How does it work?
Primas restructures the relationship between online authors and their audience through the use of blockchain technology and economic incentives. The Primas DApp is a decentralised content publishing platform based on the DTCP (Decentralised Trusted Content Protocol) with the DTCP functioning as the underlying infrastructure and the DApp serving as a platform for reading, publishing, distributing, recommending, engaging with content, and getting rewarded for it.
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Chinese Beta Community Rankings
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The Primas DApp connects creative people. By building trust and rewarding the creation of and interaction with premium quality content, the Primas movement aims to bring credibility, accountability and humanity back to the Internet.

Primas is a place where you make the rules and can openly share ideas with those willing to listen.
Primas Token
PST is the token used on the Primas platform. It is a reward to the creators of exceptional content, node operators and community members who engage and interact on the platform.
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Core Team
Oliver Wu
Mr. Wu Peng is an expert in Blockchain technology and online products. He is a member of the China Association for Promoting Democracy. Mr. Wu Peng holds a Master’s Degree in Personal, Mobile and Satellite Communications from the University of Bradford, UK. After graduation, he joined the Lenovo Group where he was responsible for the operating system and software product planning. In 2008, he lead the software design for Lenovo ideapadU8. Since 2011, he has been responsible for the design and planning of various online products that have been used by tens of millions of users for Lenovo and Baidu. In 2016, he founded Shanghai QiYin Information Technology Co., Ltd(上海七印科技) and in 2017, he launched the Primas Foundation. He also acts as an expert consultant for many other blockchain projects.
Gan Lu
Mr. Gan Lu is the founder of Yuanben blockchain, CTO and expert in blockchain technology. He is also the founder of NuoKe Big Data Analysis Platform. Previously, he worked as the technical manager of Green Tea Browser technology in Lenovo and was the former product manager of the Baidu mobile browser. Mr. Gan Lu has in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, computer vision and cryptography. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Fudan University.
Kitty Lan
Co-Founder/ VP Global Business
Ms. Lan has over 10 years experience working for Fortune 500 companies, including extensive experience in global business management, business development and planning marketing strategies. She is currently responsible for the global business development of Primas.
Japan Representative/VP Business
Bury has experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the automative industry, responsible for liaising with government agencies on technology and compliance and corporate communication related matters. He is familiar with blockchain technology and business in Japan. Bury is currently responsible for expanding Primas' business presence and corporate positioning in Japan.
Hugo Wang
Distributed System Architect
Mr. Qi Wang was an early promoter of the Laravel Chinese community, translating a large number of technical documents. He currently works as an architect in Yuanben. He has in-depth knowledge of Ethereum.
Eileen Zhu
Media Supervisor
Ms. Zhile Zhu is well acquainted with blockchain and financial technology. She has been involved in launching and organizing many large-scale events such as the China Fintech Innovation Conference and the China Financial Development Conference. She is skilled in marketing, public relations, organization and operation management.
Senior Visual Designer
With 7 years of working experience in visual design, Ms. Xia Tian is a UI and animation design specialist. She has been responsible for the visual design of JianMeiLe(健美乐) App and was the lead animator for the Mumu Tribe(木木部落) animation series.
Senior Development Engineer
Mr. Chen Zhao is skilled at web and NodeJS development. He has led the development of various websites in the fund and securities industry as well as intelligent voice TV applications and commercial advertising management systems. He has a deep understanding of user experience, process interoperability, and user needs.
Advanced Development Engineer
Primas’ server R&D, previous experience at Dianping, specializes in high-concurrency, Golang R&D and architectural design. Designer of food ordering background service systems and R&D architect of $100 million advertising campaigns. Passionate about blockchain technology, focusing on research and implementation of blockchain technology integrated in business.
Advanced Development Engineer
Member of Primas’ core development and research team and blockchain technology enthusiasts. Participated in the establishment of large-scale Internet risk control platforms and data model development. Has an in-depth knowledge of the Ethereum ecosystem and has extensive experience in blockchain development.
Advanced Development Engineer
Primas’ DApp core mobile developer, specialises in architecture design and product development. He has participated in the development of several large-scale applications, including e-commerce, audio and video, P2P, and instant messaging. Blockchain technology enthusiast with a considerable knowledge of Ethereum digital wallets and encryption algorithms.
Advanced Visual Designer
Excels at UI and graphic design. Has designed the entire user interface for many financial and education products. Has rich design experience and oversees all visual aspects of the product. He has also conducted in-depth research on user experience and product interaction.
Joseph Purdy
Community Manager
Having lived, worked and founded a company in China over the past 3 years, Mr Purdy has considerable experience in marketing, management, and branding. In addition to his Mandarin language skills, he has a great passion for blockchain technology. Mr Purdy will be responsible for developing and growing our community.
Decision Board and Early Investors
Shen Bo
Partner of Fenbushi Capital
Founder of BitShares
James Gong
Founder of ChainB & Longhash
Wenbo Yu
Executive Director of Fenbushi Capital
Yanfeng Chen
CEO of Nebula Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Jiang Haibing
Chairman of Duoniu Investment, Alipay Co-Founder, nickname Laowantong, Primas Early Investor
Kan Haibin
Fudan University professor, doctoral supervisor, national expert in cryptography and information security, Fudan University blockchain laboratory promoter.
Chen Yunwen
Founder of Daguan Data, a member of the International Computer Society (ACM), a well-known expert in artificial intelligence technology
Duan Jiang
CEO of Fotor Technology, Professor of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Ph.D., Honorary Professor of Nottingham University, Central Organization Department of the State "Thousands of people plan" experts, the State Council special allowance experts.
Yokiko Nishimura
After graduating from the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Law, Yokiko Nishimura worked in foreign exchange business at Money Partners Group Co. In 2015, she led the formation of a new department within the company and announced the development of a listed Bitcoin business. In line with this, Nishimura established the Cryptocurrency Business Association (now known as the Japanese Association of Digital Currency Practitioners) and served on the Bureau of Affairs, leading communication between various exchanges. In September 2017, Nishimura helped Money Partners obtain its first cryptocurrency exchange license certified by the Financial Services Agency (FSA). Nishimura is also a member of the Japan ICO Council.
Strategic Partners