What is the Primas DApp?
Your ideas and thoughts are valuable
Earn money through sharing your experiences, ideas, thoughts or concerns.

Easily keep track of your earnings on Primas.
Supports text and images
The Primas DApp makes it easy to publish your own text and images. Choose the web editor for formatting longer pieces.
Integrated Value Evaluation System
Our integrated content evaluation system offers fair and comprehensive evaluation. Content creation, recommendation and reviews are all rewarded.
Join Groups and share the benefits of community contributors
We offer various flexible types of Groups.

Group Autonomy – benefits can be distributed by the Group in accordance with their own defined rules.
Credibility underpins all recommendations
Content Asset Fingerprint – Primas generates a globally unique digital fingerprint (Primas DNA) for every new piece of content.

Modification History – Content modification history is stored on the blockchain.

Reprint Tracking – The Primas DNA ensures that the origin of content can be traced even in the case of partial tampering.
Network-wide Reprint tracking gives full control over content assets
Reprint Tracing – Find out where your content - or even just a part of it - is used.

Scan Similar Content – Find and recognize related content assets.