—   How to get PST   —
1. PST is currently listed on the following exchanges
2. Earn PST with Primas DApp

Create, share and review premium quality content on the Primas DApp to earn PST.
3. Content Mining
PST is not only rewarded to original authors and Groups in the Primas DApp, but also the miners who run the support functions such as the Primas Node and the Hawkeye crawlers.
Personal Index
Personal Indexes are part of the DTCP and reflect the comprehensive assessment of what you have generated on Primas. Your Personal Index will increase as you continue to generate original content. Personal Indexes are also used to punish plagiarism. If you plagiarize content and the plagiarism is confirmed by the committee, your Personal Index will be significantly reduced.
Primas HP value
HP is consumed when sharing and liking content on the Primas platform. Limiting the ability to share and like based on HP value incentivises users to only distribute content that is truly worth sharing. You can still share and like after you have exhausted your HP value, but you will not earn PST incentives from those shares and likes. HP values slowly regenerate over time. The max HP cap can also be raised by paying PST or by creating and sharing more content.